Thursday, March 8, 2007

Five Dollars

I believe in God.

That's fine. You can believe in as many mythical beings as you like.

No. God is real.

Prove it. I have a five-dollar bill in my pocket. I can prove it, by pulling it out and showing it to you, see?

God is real, just read your bible.

I can write a book that says I have a five-dollar bill in my pocket - that proves nothing unless I can produce the bill.

Millions of people believe in God.

Some people may believe I have a five-dollar bill in my pocket. Unless I can whip it out, they're all chumps.

God changes people's lives every day.

My five-dollar bill changes people's lives every day. Prove me wrong.


Anonymous said...

Your mythical five dollars changes nothing in my life until you give it to me and thus imbue me with the holy spirit of Abe Lincoln. Amen.

Lavi D. said...

Blasphemer. My Five-Dollar bill will only work its wonders if I alone determine its use.


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