Thursday, July 19, 2007

HOA Hell

Any one car cannot be parked out on the street for more than one 48-hour period.


5 comments: said...

I've seen this in colorado many a time it's called Denver Boot.
It's been used on me in Ca. years ago for parking to long at my own complex- unloading groceries.
It's hard to defeat. But with the proper gear & acid 48 min. is all it takes.


Anonymous said...

I would take my trusty angle grinder and remove the offending boot. I wouldn't say anyting about it - the boot would simply vanish. And the next one, and the next one, etc until the facists got tired of buying new ones.

Of course, living in a HOA controlled complex does have some benefit - though I can't think of any just now...


The_Scum said...

AHHA ha AA ah AAHAHhaH hA!

People who buy in subdivisions with Nazi HOA's deserve this shit.

They used the boot on cars that were illegally parked on campus when I was in high school in the 70's.

Until the gusy with four wheel drive intentionally parked illegally so they got booted and then drove away destroying the boot.

vinnymoe said...

If you can't drive a monster truck,driving away is not an option.a mini grinder would take forever & is big-time loud, given the design. The right acid, squirted in the right place, is quite effective. You have the time as they usually don't come to tow till the next day.

Hints from He who hase been booted. (or bootied)


vinnymoe said...

UPON FURTHER REVEIW. Once you have the device in hand, if you have the resourses, skill & inclination, it can be opened, welded back together & "RECYCLED" for your favorite govenment official to enjoy.

Watch for cameras'


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