Monday, August 27, 2007

So Long Speedy

Don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

No need to feel sorry for Sr. Gonzales, though.   In a few short months he won't be able to recall being at the Department of Justice.


The_Scum said...

As the Bush 8 year reign of terror winds down the rats jumping off the ship increases in rate.

They need to line up fat cat consulting jobs to pull in the big bucks before the economic meltdown ensues.

I would expect Bush to issue a lot of blanket pardons for crimes known and unknown before he leaves office.

vinnymoe said...

If this panocha had any huvos he would had limited his testimony to "Fuck that,fuck this & fuck you"
By law these attorneys serve at the pleasure of the president.
What I find "suspicious",Mr. Stewart, is that shortly after Mr. Clintons election he fired 92 out of 93 US attorneys without a peep from the press and certainly no congressional hearings were called for. Hmmmm.
No crime. No wrong doing.You did not perform the way I see fit;Get the fuck OUT!
This is not a republican/democrat thing but a media bias travesty.
Consider kind blogger, the firings and PROSECUTION of the White House Travel folks by the Clintons,only to be replaced by political cronies promised positions for support. These people had been there for 30 years and were completely exhonorated in court while loosing thier fortunes and reputation to the whims of the president. Any headlines? Hearings? NO Hmmmm.

Lavi D. said...

Who gives a shit what Clinton did?   Why would that be justification for anything, if the administration that replaced him was supposed to be so much more accountable and righteous?   And then went on to hand us the same bullshit?  

Sure, the media, congress and we the people got it wrong in the past - so now's our chance to get it right and bounce this lying atrocity of an administration on its ass.

In other words, no current or future president should get a pass simply based on the fuck-ups of a previous president.

So, let's make up for not frying Clinton properly by impaling this stooge and his puppet-masters.

Because, make no mistake sir, it is US against the rich and the politicians.

Anonymous said...

I don't konw about y'all, but I'm with teh people.

I am not with the politicians.

I dont' give a good goddamned what frikin' party they're with.

Anybody who thinks that a politician is "for" them is an idiot. They are all, Reps and Dems, "for" reelection.

vinnymoe said...

I'm with you on the bullshit ineffectiveness of this admin.
The reference to the past admin. was only to illustrate the MEDIA can make or completely ignore what may or may NOT be wrongdoing.
In the example given,the media hypes and perpetuates the myth that there is somthing wrong with a president/A.G. firing those who serve at there pleasure. And in doing so can fill air time, chip away at an adversary and ignore what may really be newsworthy.

I personally feel betrayed be my choice of the lesser of the two evils.That does't mean that changing to the greater will change my countrys fortunes for the better.

Lavi D. said...

That does't mean that changing to the greater will change my countrys fortunes for the better.

Don't worry about it. I don't think you're going to get the chance to vote for Kerry again any time soon.

I, personally, am probably going to vote for a Republican president this time around. I believe in a two-party system... One party in the white house, the other in the congress.

That way those bastards can spend their time fighting each other rather than screwing us for their corporate masters.

The_Scum said...

Ah yes, political arguments and justifications based on what the leader before the current leader got away with.

We're Fucked. Wake the Fuck up.

Ain't much of shit you can do about it...yet...but realize it.

That's a start.

I'm voting for Ron Paul again. Won't make a shit spit of difference this time either. Except to ME.

Feel free to plagarize the term 'shit spit of difference'.

vinnymoe said...

SCUM, I've been a registered Liberatarian since the early 80's
But the races have been so close & the party has been so fractured I go GOP, in my opinion the lesser.

I'm with Lavi, keep e'm fighting with each other & they have less time to pass unneeded legislation for thier masters that only gets further into my private life and even more important for them, spends more of our money to consolidate thier power.

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