Friday, March 28, 2008

Last Call

I am going to be ordering these shirts, probably tomorrow.

Anyone who wants one please let me know by COB tomorrow. (D, you're getting one already)

Cost is $16.50 each for six (including shipping), but if the order goes up, the price goes down, but I guess shipping costs will increase microscopically.   (This is my cost by the way)

Sorry, no pockets.

Here's the actual design:

PS:I have been informed by Uber Prints that the shirt shown is actually less yellow than it looks online. It's more of a tan/cream color
PPS:Th design will include a tiny "" at the very bottom.


D said...

Have you tried "Bicycle Club" instead of BC? Sure, the wheel is a pretty big hint, but it also has a religious connotation.

Derelict indeed; I just installed a headrest on my bicycle...

D said...

and by the way, put me down for 2 shirts, regardless of the connotation

The_Scum said...

So how do I actually get you the money and do they have pockets?

D said...

Lavi takes PayPal, or eCash. You can also send a tin of unmarked bills to his dead-head dead-letter box care of the Shady Lady.

Alas, the shirts have no pockets though some marsupials have resorted to pouches to hold their fags.

Lavi D. said...

So how do I actually get you the money and do they have pockets?

You can give me the money for the shirt when I give you the shirt.

There will be no pockets, sorry.

What size, assuming you still want one/any?

Lavi D. said...

I should add, because these are digitally printed, not silk-screened, there was no minimum order.

So I'm able to keep the cost reasonable and can afford to pay for them up front.

Rock Candy said...

I want one please ...Large as I like em a bit roomy....

The_Scum said...

Two please that is. Large.

The color is gayness and there is no pocket....but there is that powerful draw of cultness that the Branch Lavidians has.

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