Sunday, May 4, 2008

Contest Winner

(For poor, tired Scum)

Winner of the first annual "My Car Has More Crap Glued to it Than Yours" contest

The winner receives
  • A handsome brace of matching, ivory-handled, Liquid Nails™ glue dispensing guns
  • A lifetime supply of Prozac
  • The contents of any storage locker abandoned this year in the state of Nevada, the contents of which consists of at least 30% plastic doll parts.


The_Scum said...


Is that a Volvo?

Thanks, Lavi...these 6/12's are killing me.

Lavi D. said...

Is that a Volvo?

I think that question would be best phrased in the past-tense.

Just to avoid pissing off any corporate lawyers at Volvo.

D said...

I especially like the block behind the rear wheel so that the crap covered car with flat tires doesn't roll away.

Where were these delightful decorated denizens parked? Church? WalMart? DMV?

Rock Candy said...

The champagne fountain on top of the van is pretty nifty!!

You should do a picture search with one of these. find the following objects in this photo kind of thing.

I love the Fisher Price cassette player ....those be some def jams!

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