Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Modern Solutions II


The_Scum said...



D said...

Scum sez: "huh?"

My reaction exactly.

Perhaps Lavi got carried away playing with the high voltage Teen Control device and it disturbed his frontal lobes. Or something.

Lavi D. said...

Scum sez: "huh?"

I guess I need to explain. I tore apart a junk-mail advertising mag and scanned in the photos I found most bizarre, when removed from context.

I am attempting to come up with humorous re-positionings of these ads.

Stay tuned...

Coincidentally, I found this site today, via hotlinks

The_Scum said...

"You only see them when you need them"

When would that be? When the catbox needs changing is the only time I can think of...but I can just do that myself.

Rock Candy said...

duh, when you need them to un load your moving truck!!

So does this thing block out their terrible music and big mouths too? Because that would be a bonus!!

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