Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Debt Be Gone

Living in Las Vegas, I should be up to my eyeballs in debt.   You know, leases on a 5-series and a Hummer, two or three mortgages on houses that I will rent out until "the market comes back", credit cards maxed-out and smoking but, well...

I'm so disappointed in myself.


D said...

Hooray Lavi!

'Debt-be-Gone' may be Unamerican, and certainly Atypical, but you sleep better at night and walk with a bit more spring in your step without the CitiBankYoke.


Lavi D. said...


Hey thanks, man. I am really happy about it.

I already bought me a got-out-of-debt gift.

I paid $63 for a Ramsey FM25B stereo transmitter, used, on EBay. It's three ways better than my old XMitter:

1 - .25W vs .10W

2 - PLL, no frequency drift

3 - Filtered power, no AC hum.

The FM25B newly assembled, sells for about $225. You can't get the kit for less than $150.

The_Scum said...

Welcome to the reality of the new America.

Congrats for getting there just a few steps ahead of the horde.

Debt is no longer 'the new black'.

D said...

Scum, you are way too optimistic.
I don't see the "horde" of people getting debt free, ever.

Getting and staying out of debt is work, and like critical thinking something to be avoided at nearly all costs.


D said...

Unless you're talking about Lavi's new career as a [relatively] high powered PhaseLockedLoop broadcast DJ, spinning the hum-free tunes for his loyal north Vegas listeners

Lavi D. said...

...spinning the hum-free tunes for his loyal north Vegas listeners

KMjM 106.1-FM, radio free Vegas, baby!

Coming at you with 250 milliwatts of pure power

Lavi D. said...

Congrats for getting there just a few steps ahead of the horde.

Thanks. I've been working on this since I became single again in December of '06.

The_Scum said...

"Thanks. I've been working on this since I became single again in December of '06."

Took me a couple years after my divorce as well. Please note I had dug a deep hole before the marraige so it just 'kept the glory of digging while in a hole so go even deeper' alive for a while.

Spring 2006? for me was my Independence Day (can't remember the exact day). Never again, except to buy a house. Never again for anything or anyone else.

Looking back I should have declared BK. Eh, no.

I live very cheaply all things considered. Years and years of training. Yet those who know me will wonder how I make that statement when I literally can blow through hundreds gambling or thousands on the wrong stock in a single day (I hate when that happens!).

But I do. I have ONE vehicle (excluding the vehicle my daughter in college uses that I pay all expenses except gas on). I rent a very conservative house. I do not collect toys or furnishings.

I simply work, eat at home mostly, garden, gamble, drink, masturbate (occasionally I get a real woman) and wade through the daily drudgery of life.

I also have a couple cats. LMFAO!

The_Scum said...

I forgot:

Welcome back d.

And the horde will get there as well d, whether by bankruptcy, repayment or the lack of banks to extend credit....most likely a combination of the above.

Debt free is THE new black!

Black Heart Candle said...

Congrats on working your way to debt free!

I am totally debt free. I working a budget plan that would have had me done in less than a year. But, I took the payout from my husband's life insurance and paid everything off and started a new portfolio of investments. I have my son's education fund on track and then some.
The house is the last object to dealt with. ( They are being buggers on paying. )
I am waiting for Oil to drop just below $100 and will buy alot of shares.
Do your family memebers a favor, make sure you have a will or do a living will.
The process of a will makes it much easier to deal with the aftermath.

Take care and great job again!

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