Wednesday, September 17, 2008


"As much as I would like to have an intelligent, well-spoken, accomplished gentleman as president, I don't think the time is right.

"The American people need to be ass-raped for another four years before they really begin to understand what vicious, hypocritical, mendacious thugs the Republicans really are."

-Lavi D


The_Scum said...

I saw the Bama tonight live from the VIP section (jellus much?).

We are going to get the collective ass-raping you want to see. Trust me on that.

The Demos and Repubs have will continue taking turns on us.

It's too late for either to stop it. Neither Party WANTS TO STOP. Both are concerned they have gone to far I believe.


The Hen got me in.

Lavi D. said...

No matter who's president, he/she's going to get his/her ass handed to him/her over the next four years.

The mess left by the Bush neo-cons is staggering. It will take longer than one term to clean up and it's going to require a great deal of sacrifice.

Couple that with the convulsions the banking industry is going through and the fact that the housing meltdown has just started, and it's easy to see that the next four years are going to be brutal.

I would like to have seen Brock. I want the guy to win, but I think it would be better after the country has gotten the Republican virus completely ouf of its system. Lots of vomiting and diarrhea ahead.

D said...

they're all venal; both parties are into ass raping, Obama/Biden may use lube, but the ruinous taxes will still hurt.

Some ideas:
Cut taxes, slash spending - will never work.

Pay all congress critters $1mill each, 2 terms maximum, forever barred from office or lobbying afterwards - still won't work, too entrenched

AC Hasting was a federal judge, *impeached*, now a dem congressman from FL. As an impeached judge he fits right into the criminal clan

The squeaky wheel lobby wins

The_Scum said...

The Democrats control Congress. The Republicans control the White House.

Both parties have had ample opportunity to stop this shit for many, many years.

It just keeps getting worse.

Your anger at one party is only partially correct.

I will start draining money out of my savings (remember what that is?) and using it to PAY FUCKING EVEN MORE TAXES and give to my daughter for her college education.

The ass-raping will be very hard children.

Trust me on that.

Rock Candy said...

The Hen was happy the scum was willing to partake in the Baracking and rolling event!

I have photos posted on my blog.

McCracken scares the hell out of me. He cannot seem to make up his mind what he thinks about the economy. I fear things would only get worse if we allow republicans anymore time in office.

As for the dems controlling congress, that has only been in the last two years. This crap started going haywire prior to that.

So now not only do most Americans have 401K's instead of the old days of pension plans. Those 401k's worth plummeted this week. Now McCain wants to do the same thing with our Social Security. Force Americans to invest in the stock markets and hope they have anything left when it is all over. Most of us are not stock market savvy and would be ruined for sure.

Barack on, Lavi!!

D said...

Dear Rock -

Your beloved "pensions" were fine as long as you worked for the same company forever. 401(k)s belong to you and you can carry them wherever you go. The money for pensions comes from the employer and it isn't stored under a huge mattress. It's invested in the stock market.

Of course, so is social security, but the SS is backed by the full faith, credit, and taxing power of that government.

The insanity of any "bailout" is that people and companies want to keep their gains but to be shielded from any losses.

Children should be allowed to skin their knees, companies should be allowed to fail, and investors should be allowed to lose money.

I shouldn't be able to make you pay for my mistakes in the stock market. Doing so simply makes my stupidity less expensive (to me) and ensures that I'll do it again.


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