Monday, November 10, 2008

Extreme Oval Office Cage Fight

Obama and Bush

Two go in. One comes out.

Stay tuned...


Rock Candy said...

I wake up everyday since November 5th, offering up a bit of thanks that for the FURST time in a long damn time.....I feel we have a prize fighter entering the Oval Office!!

D said...

Dear Rock -

I hope that you're right.
Really I do.
But the last several (dozen?) occupants of the White House have been little petty men bent on avarice and short sighted greed.

Any change would be welcome.

Lavi D. said...

A lot of Obama worship, but wouldn't it be great if we really did elect a smart, ethical person for a change?

Lavi D. said...

Better link for above.

Rock Candy said...

Ethics, integrity, compassion and empathy....all things a real man should be.....and I believe we just elected one!!

D said...

what I said before can be quoted verbatim.

Rock - I hope you're right. Bear in mind that Mr Obama has to deal with the Congress, and they are [rightly] held in even lower esteem than Mr Bush

The_Scum said...

I'd rather wager on Dick Cheney with a shotgun.


D said...

Damn right -- that would have been a better ticket: Obama-Cheney.

Do you think that Hugo Chavez or Ill Sick Kim worry about Biden?
But Cheney - he shoots his *friends*!

Ah well, it's another four years of grand circuses. It can't be any more expensive in blood and international prestige; I hope it's not too expensive tax-wise.

Rock Candy said...

I am hoping Cheney gets locked up along with Bush.

I think I will go and listen to some Scorpions now...Wind of Change to be specific.

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