Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Little Things

...come in big packages.

I kid you not.

Thrilling backstory: I blew out the output amplifier stage in my FM transmitter - KMJM 106.1, 250mw of Pure Power! - by carelessly handling the antenna while massively charged with patented Christmas Sock Static Generators (CSSG). After a bit of googling, I identified the likely suspect part and mailed away for it. I could have put a dachshund in that box and still had room for the part.


Rock Candy said...

furst bwahahhaha

I love the patent!! I think I will don a pair of santa socks and attempt to zap the children!

Merry Christmas, Lavi!!

D said...

Rock Baby, you don't know the half of it. Lavi troubleshooting to the component level makes old Guglielmo Marconi proud...

Lavi D. said...

Merry Christmas kids.

May Santa's Deathstar vaporize the holiday decorations of your foes.

D said...

Mary X indeed.

Mithras is spinning in his catacomb.

Rock Candy said...

gee the only foe I can think of .....I probably bought most of his Christmas decorations during a major bah hum bug depression on his part. I think I will refrain from wishing for the deathstar vaporizing and just let Karma deal with them.

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