Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Eyes Right

Check out the headlights on that heifer!

And what's up with the gay-crow?

There's just way too much going on here.

(Trader Joe's, Washington Ave)


The_Scum said...

Fifth furstage in a row. But who is counting?

Furstage ownage?

Those headlights are not positioned correctly Mr. De Vegas.

And that woman looks mean. Mean as in "I will use you for a sexual pogo stick and you will not complain" type mean.

Give both cows a chocolate martini fast.

Rock Candy said...

omg you are not only a thief but a scummy thief!! sexual pogo stick eh? wonder where you heard that little line?

May you dream of chihuahadors you bastard!

chocolate martinis are for prissy chicks, btw...she does not appear prissy...give her a scotch, neat.

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