Saturday, November 14, 2009


Who'd a thought the Guy was so stuck up?
This is what happens when crap gets stuck in my door by religious extremists. I edit it.

(Christ image from here)


The_Scum said...

Fyrst to comment Christ looke sort of Man-Whorish there.

Can I light my cigarette off his thumb?

Secumb to note I'll be burning in hell with Lavi.

D said...

wtf? Lavi blogspot stole my first comment about blaspheming. It doesn't even show.
How crapulent. This doth suck.

But I digress.
Lavi, you seem to have conflated "religious annoyances" with "religious extremists."

Annoying is sticking a pamphlet under your door. Extreme is a getting blown up, shot, burned, kidnapped, or otherwise killed in the holy name of the Deity de Jour.

I'll take annoying any day.

The_Scum said...

Did the wrath of God smite down our blog host?

The early posts tree chewed him up and hasn't spit him out yet?

Not enough psycho drama to keep him posting?

American Idol (obviosly his favorite show) heating up?

The new girlfriend has him chained down in the basement so she has 24/7 servicing access until she isn't upset he stopped pimping the stupid crosswalk sign?

BBass said...

Lavi D~

Followed your link form the HBB. Fantastic Card! Can you produce these enmass? There are some people I would LOVE to send it to!

Happy Festivus,
Stars End

Lavi D. said...


I cannot produce them "en masse". I worked hard and long last night getting 10 done with my poor little HP printer.

However, you are welcome to copy the image itself and make your own - it's not really that hard if you're not picky - I was just being a perfectionist.

HolJol to you, as well...

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