Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hoppin' Change

DD gave me a present for Zombie Jeebus Day

I named him "Barack O'Bunny"


Anonymous said...

Furst of all I think the name suits him!

Second of all why do you have a container of Texmati rice on your art/work space? You do realize that stuffed bunnies can explode if they eat rice?

my captcha swierd so weird eh?

Lavi D. said...

Second of all why do you have a container of Texmati rice on your art/work space?

I prefer to call it "Hazmat" rice, and it's there because it's a nice, sturdy, empty plastic container.

Something I might have a use for someday.

I have a bad habit of saving things like that.

(I have several empty kitty litter pails out in the garage. What can I say? They have handles and securely snappable lids!)

Anonymous said...

Those kitty litter pails have lots of good uses...they make great anchor weights for a canopy or tent. Take them there empty, fill them with rocks or dirt at your site and viola!! An anchor.

Or if you decide to become a food hoarder (or Mormon)you can buy bulk beans and rice and keep them in those buckets.

truthfully I didn't really care. I was just trying to get a furst on 'someone' who actually stopped in the middle of a conversation with me just to post a furst.

Lavi D. said...

...truthfully I didn't really care.


I'm just responding because D told me the comment mechanism was broke - so there!

D said...

plastic pails also make good baby-sitting urns

Anonymous said...

awwww you know I love ya!

D, I always preferred duct tape and a ceiling fan....drop clothes are suggested.

D said...

but Lavi doesn't have a picture of ceiling fan & duct tape. As fun as that sounds, it's off topic - and heaven forbid that anything on Lavi's site ever be off topic...

Anonymous said...

Gah! I meant for babysitting purposes and it was Lavi that went off topic with the kitty litter pail....so pffffttttt!!!

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