Friday, April 9, 2010

Magic Bus

It's the world's eighth wonder.


Anonymous said...

Too bad the curtains are drawn shut! I am betting the interior decorator has done a very nice job with the inside as well.

I imagine lots of bright colors, beaded curtains, persian rugs and the very heavy odor of incense and mary jane.

Let me be the first to commend them on the use of solar panels as well. From one hippy to another, way to go, man!

D said...

Solar Panels Dear Rockinmuse, Solar panels??
You need to look a little closer - these are actually HAARP antennas and this so-called "Magic Bus" is simply an early version of the mobile units that will spread the evil of super-powerful radiowave-beaming technology and global death.

Have a nice day.

Lavi D. said...

...this so-called "Magic Bus" is simply an early version of the mobile units...

How do you know it's not one of Saddam's mobile Biological Weapons Labs?

D said...

OMG, it's probably full of Yellow Cake (tm)

Quick: Call GW

The_Scum said...

D makes it sound as if Global Deff is a bad thing.

Muse sounds of course like....a stinky tattoed hippy chick. Take a baff with oatmeal soap Baby Girl.

Lvai is lost and just trying to pimp out posts without being stalked, accused of sexual harrassment or having to turn gay tricks (Dee Dee unapproved)to find new posters.

And me? I'm just old, bitter, officially dead and pissed off I didn't get a fucking furst while my only solace is the captcha word.

Captcha 'twatacular'


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