Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Irrational Exuberance

My bank redesigned their website. When I saw this new graphic, my first thought
was, "These people are so happy they sold their home!"

Of course, that's probably not what the bank had in mind.


Scummy? said...


Happy that the oxen like yoke of money pit and dread of constant depreciation was lifted from them? Now they may resume life as the second class citizen renters that they are.

By renting, instead of owning a depreciating money pit asset they may even by able to SAVE MONEY for the Baby's college. Or a divorce. Or a set of Ginsu™ knives. Or hookers for HER and blow for him.

But wtf? do I know? I just bought a money pit.

Lavi? Have you considered using a bank that isn't bankrupt and subject to closure by the Federal of those that is so big and important to the American Way of Life it is too bo to fail?

Examples: Bank of America or Wells Fargo.

Yes, those banks suck but our tax dollars assure they will never go away.

Also, furst.

Anybody want some garden fresh cherry or roma tomatos?

D said...

It's not the house that was sold, but the [formerly] happy family.
He will be used as low skill labor in the fields; he'll toughen up in a few months.
She will be sent to the pleasure houses, and the urchin will go the way of Jonathan Swift's 'Modest Proposal'

It's an economic stimulus worth voting for!

Scummy said...

How much for the women? I want to buy your women!

Lavi D. said...

How many extra 'maters you got?

Have you considered using a bank that isn't bankrupt and subject to closure by the Federal Government...

Did I mention on here that my bank got closed last year about this time?

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