Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Larry and Harry

Personally, I think the Republicans are ruthless and the Democrats are clueless. I hate the strident hypocrisy of the right and the mindless ineptitude on the left.

I don't really have anything against Mr. Reid, but this made me laugh.

(Actually, if it comes down to Angle vs Reid, I'll have to vote for Reid, because I absolutely abhor religion and Angle is a God-fearin' nut-job of Huckabee proportion)


Anonymous Poster You Would Think is Scum said...


This one made me think. The furst was locked up....do I post to lock it in or think?

I went out and .... did bad things for a stroke survivor and heart surgery survivor and came back in to still be furst.

I will vote for whatever and whoever I think can destabilize the status quo of politicians representing me. All of them. I don't give a fuck if Republican or Democrat.

I will vote for the LEAST EVIL and most CONSTITUTIONAL option on the ballot.

Harry Reid? No FUCKING chance. More same old same old ruining our country. 13 TRILLION IN DEBT and it is both parties fault.

Sharron Angle? Absolutely Bat Fucking Shit Insane Religious Zealot Nutcase who would probably accomplish nothing besides frothing insanity until the next election making all politicians and the people who send them to Congress look like stoopid sheeple?

I could do that. I probably WILL do that.

Just to have a fucking bat shit insane female in a situation of enough power to further destabilize the MIC, Federal Reserve and bankers raping of the USA.


Side note...

I saw Obama when he was here. His Majesty Harry sat literally 5 feet away from me.

I could have taken them both out with either my Glock 45 or my 9mm and our country would have been better off.


So go fuck yourselves and I have a great lawyer.

Lmfao. Good post, could be entertaining replies.

Keep away from my fucking guns. The cases of ammo you may take from me one round at a time. Just make sure you understand it will be surrendered at a high velocity.

I'm already dead fucktards.

The frothy anonymous poster you would think is Scum from reading this.

D said...

Dear Anon-Could-Be-Scum,

I agree completely with the thumb in the eye vote to upset the status-quo. So what is someone is a religious nut job (isn't this phrase redundant?) An career incumbent politician is *worse*

I don't even worry about 'least evil' since all politicians, almost by definition, are venal and evil.

I'd like to see a 2-term rule on all federal offices (the states can foment whatever weird shit they want so long as citizens can move freely among the states). The worst case would be 4 yrs house + 12 yrs senate + 8 yrs pres = a maximum of 24 years and then you're banned forever from office and from lobbying. No more Robert Byrd or Jessie Helms or Ted Stevens ossifying in office.

That said, I personally draw the line at imposing term limits via high velocity projectiles. Mr Anonymous could be mistaken for Scum - please keep those discussions and planning off this blog-space lest the black helicopters take us all away.


Lavi D. said...

Interesting comments.

Angle to block... Hmmmm?

D said...

It's not just Angle to block, it's *anyone* but the incumbent.

If I was an xtian, satan would get my vote if he was running against the incumbent baby jeebus.

I'm not completely blind to "public opinion" -- if someone wants to run for a 3rd term and if they get more than 50% of the *registered* voters (not simply people that bother to vote) then maybe they deserve another suckle.


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