Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Credit will be checked at the door.


D said...

What can you say about this? Doesn't everyone eat fettuccine on a skewer?
Granted, $800 seems a bit steep, but Blueberry Hall has to make up for vacant hourly rentals for Scum.

D said...

Never mind the buffet, where was Lavi when the "Hotel Death Ray" story was broken?

Even yahoo has the scoop: "Swanky new Vegas hotel’s ‘death ray’ proves inconvenient for some guests"

Thrill Seeking Scum said...

Two posts and nobody found their thrill yet?

Lavi D. said...

where was Lavi when the "Hotel Death Ray" story was broken?

I didn't have a picture of it, so I took a pass. I actually read the story first on Metafilter yesterday.

D said...

So Lavi --- you read the story *yesterday* and had all day *today* to photograph burned tourist flesh -- but no.

Too provocative?
Too sensitive?
Too busy?
Too bad.

Inquiring Scum said...

Where the hell are the silicon overload bimbos in the pool picture?

Did their breasts explode when the 'death ray' hit them?

Anonymous said...

Having never encountered one, still I would think a "Hotel Death Ray" would be inconvenient. Do they use these on the strip? or just downtown?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I left the previous comment unsigned.

But thinking about Hotel Death Rays, is that like the original Star Trek phasors? The no muss no fuss kind where the target just goes away? Or is there some sort of goo the maid has to clean?


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