Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Brick House

There certainly is no One Way to design an apartment building.

The neighborhoods around my apartment building provide ample testimony to that.

Although they might look a bit scary now, the units pictured above were probably wildly exotic when first put up in 1970.

Check out the ultra-mod roof on the carport.

What really sets these apartments off, however, is the laboratory pool:

Laboratory? Pool? What?

Hell, come on in, the water's fine!

Well, it will be once it finishes filling!


Ded Scum said...


I'm sitting here with my St. Pauli girls...thinking....furst to ask....fuck that that a three story shed used as an ad on behind your place?

Clue from the Ded guy...enjoy life now.

Once you hear the knocking God decides...not you.

Deder Scum Sez Fuxor You! said... = add on...the St Pauli girl breastages...breastagii???

distracted scum.

Fucking YOU die and come back to life and make fewer typos assfuck.

D said...

These are still kinda cutting-edge looking compared to, say, a soviet era gulag.

The carport rood could be used for a solar power array except for all the trees (biolslime!) and the pool; it's an extreme skate park.

Welcome to modernity.

Lavi D. said...

Hey Scum,

Thanks for the GnR link.

I liked that.

Troy in Las Vegas said...

Whatever. I like the place. It looks cool.

Slackjawed Scum said...

De nada on the link.

I love where Duff McKagen (bassist) goes absolutely slack jawed like some dumb fucking yokel watching Slash waling and riffing at 3:35 into it.

And fucking Duff is in the damn band.

I like that video so much I even put it on my Scummy blog.

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