Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tease Me Not

Raiders Reef is a "Gentlemen's Cabaret" in Tucson.

This whole "Ramp-and-switch" thing seems to be popular in Tucson.


Bonerific Scum? said...

Have you considered increasing the quality of Gentlemen's Club you hang at?

Teh Ghey Alert!

Pink Boat trim, Pirate theme, 'entrance in rear', OK next door for quick and discrete condom purchase for that poop deck three hour tour.

What made you furst think this was a Gentlemen's Club?

Or maybe I let my imagination get carried away?

Mixed reviews.,+AZ&cid=12799458172458542700

That was the furst strip club I ever went to - got in when I was 16. Total fukin dive. Totally bonerific for a 16 year old.

D said...

Like a 16 yr old kid needs anything to be 'bonerific'

Lavi's take on the ramp-and-switch is more to the ironic. Like the braille instructions on a drive-through, some efforts to make the world safe, cuddly, and ADA compliant don't make any freekin sense.

Lavi D. said...

What made you furst think this was a Gentlemen's Club?

I know it's hard to see, but in the first shot, that large, black rectangle on the front of the, uh, ship, says "Gentlemen's Cabaret"

Snarky Scum said...

So the cabaret is composed of Gontlemens?

D said...

Nah -- Lavi is thinking of what *he* saw during his photojournalism stint.

What *we* see is somewhat different: a blank dark rectangle that even on extreme magnification only shows a pitiful rendering of "cabaret" as if it were a Liza Minelli revue

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