Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bikini Bar

I feel it is my duty to stop in here soon and review the bikinis for my reading audience.

I feel a responsibility to sample new entertainment offerings and make sure they are up-to-par for the discriminating followers of this blog.


D said...


Your loyal readers look forward to a full (D cup?) report, complete with photographs and interviews.

Perhaps you can profile the folks in the office upstairs: "DMV TimeBusters"
I've got a speeding ticket I'd like them to pay.
Scum needs them to get shot by the LVPD.

Would Hit It Scum said...

I'd hit it!

Even if D got the furst.

Stay away from DMV...they are almost as powerful as the IRS. Don't speed D, it's not patriotic.

Captcha word: malignant

D said...

Pro bikini bar maybe, but does Lavi dabble in local politics?

Are you pro-hooker?

There's got to be a joke about strange bedfellows, but I'll leave that bon mot for someone more qualified.

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