Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lots More


D said...

I'd like to be the furst to comment on this, but the Sign is just so weird, odd, and strange that words fail me. If only I spoke Mexican with a sideways "N"

One Speed Scum said...

How do I adjust the derailer on my six speed Huffy? The wind blew it over and now it will not shift at all. The cable doesn't seem to be broken.

Step by step instructions on unhocoking the cable and adjusting it properly?

I haven't done this for decades.

D said...

Dear Bike Scum -

Go to Copper Country and get a Rare Book on Bike Fix'n.

If that doesn't work, spray everything with a liberal application of WD40: gears, chain, tires, ear lobes, cables, levers - everything.

It will sound and operate perfectly.

Lavi D. said...

I haven't done this for decades.

Have you fixed this yet?

Salsa Scum said...

Not yet.

Maybe this weekend after I plant my summer garden. The tomaters and peppers are almost maxed in the hydroponic grower.

Uh, thank you 'D' for the advice - but being poor since I am draining Lake Mead I was hoping Lavi would just post how.

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