Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Instruction Manual


SAticking It in Female Orifii Scum said...

That should get your furst 15 page comment section?

When do the Strip pr0n flyer hander's start forcing Gay pron into tourists hands?

D should have an interesting comment to this.

D said...

I'm kinda wondering why the fuss?
Isn't the whole image of Vegas Happy, Carefree, and Gay?

When does the Happy Obama Tour come through town?

Lavi D. said...

When does the Happy Obama Tour come through town?


D said...

By the holy babby jeebus, Lavi - I thought Scum would make the Bevis & Butthead jokes. I'd say it was beneath you, but there's another gay joke.

Sctucking the Female Orifii Scum said...

Why should the Hopey Changey Failure D00d come here? He repeatedly tells everyone NOT to come here!

Butt that's another issue and possibly a ghey joke.

Since it's ghey thread...Obama should be in it.

Captcha word: in, stick that hetero cock inside my boxypuf!

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