Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bolt Buster

This is how I ride.

It took me two weeks to figure out that a broken axle was the reason the rear wheel on the Stumpjumper kept sliding to the right while I rode.

I came damn close to stripping the threads on the axle in repeated attempts to re-align the wheel and not have it slide again.

Finally, this morning, in the pre-dawn, 29° chill, while trying once again to re-align and tighten, I noticed that while turning the wrench on one nut while the other was firmly tight, one half of the axle rotated with the wrench... the other did not. Hmmm....


D said...

it's a good thing the StumpJumper has a robust frame. A lesser machine would have collapsed...

You know, PMS isn't just a funny girl word; Preventive Maintenance Schedules exist for a reason - and one such reason is to find broken bolts before you crash and slide.

Scummy said...

Lavi is such a Bad Boy™

Lavi D. said...

...and one such reason is to find broken bolts before you crash and slide.

Eek. I can't tell you how many curbs I jumped up or how many I flew off at speed with a broken axle.

One reason I've been lax on Maintenatin' is because have no garage. I will have to figure out a way to disassemble and reassemble the bike once a month or so.

I really don't want to slide.

D said...

"no garage"? wah -- you don't have an emergency room either

put a sheet on the floor, get a good bike stand, and do your Maintenance *inside* so you don't fall down go boom when you're riding like a wild man *outside*

Ain't got no garage...

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