Monday, September 17, 2007

Trust Fund

Polaris, down the street from "Furthur"


The_Scum said...

May I be FURST to say "Sweet! Four whell disc brakes are a murst! All she needs now to be purst are some sweet oversized spinner rims and a excessively large exhaust pipes! Your new ride for a STEAL!"

They aren't making any more stripped down cars! Prices only go up!

The_Scum said...

*extra batteries...err jack stands not included.

Lavi D. said...

Spinners. Man, I love spinners. That was a fad that did not last long enough.

vinnymoe said...

Lavi,holster your camera and whip out your screw driver. the dummies left the grill and tail light lenses.
This is a Benz.
I paid $130.00 for the left rear lense on my MAZDA!

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