Sunday, October 21, 2007

Big-Ass Store

I went to Price Club, er, Costco for some of the big-bag stuff.   It's been a while.   Man, what a circus.   I don't know if it's just that I'm getting older, or that people are getting more self-centered.   The number of times I had to wait for people who stopped in the middle of the aisle got more annoying than I ever remember it being.   And it's not just that they've stopped, it's that their kids, spouses, whatever stop too and TAKE UP THE WHOLE AISLE, or the whole half of the aisle and, what with the non-stop stream of people coming in the other direction, make it damned difficult to get around.   Repeatedly.

I would like to say that the immigrants are the worst (there are a lot of immigrants in Las Vegas, btw, take your pick of nationalities), what with their whole family-glob moving like a blood clot through a varicose vein, but no, I also got to wait behind some idiot white guy on his bluetooth phone standing - not examining or picking things off a shelf - standing motionless behind his cart in the only available opposite lane of the main aisle. I was sorely tempted to put my fingers in my mouth and blow out his earpiece with my patented 30db dog-whistle technique.

I think Costco needs to either open up some aisle space or reduce the size of their carts or there is going to be mayhem.   I could just feel it.


vinnymoe said...

Sounds a lot like a blog I posted about the 4th. in L.A. Mayhem means the loss of our Unique Western Democracy.
When welcome and needed immagrents do not ASSIMILATE But bring thier third world additudes of shopping in the bazzar or el mercado to the U.S,this behavior must be discorraged rather than RESPECTED as their God given right to establish that cultural aditudinal crap whitch makes the countries they ESCAPED undesirable.
Historacally newcommers yearned for thiier kids to become Americanized and succeed,some stil do but most seem to be told by the beurocrats/social workers/local inter city leftists scum (sorry Scum)that the failed social structure they fled are as valid as OURS.........GLARRINGLY NOT TRUE.

Been there, Gone Now!

The_Scum said...

Your cart can be used offensively. Tons of fat assed zero brained Cletii blocking the aisle?

Ram their asses.

Whoops, sorry, I didn't realize your fat ass was blocking the WHOLE FUCKING AISLE MORON until I rammed it!

vinnymoe said...

This is a typically paternally driven,hetero-male,insensitive & socially ignorant response!
Your backward thinking, simplistic response is typical of the war-mongering self-searving capitalistic regime which MUST BE OVERCOME, for the common good of the world citizenry.

I like it!

Very Refreshing

Fixin' to offend some ELK!

Lavi D. said...

As I pointed out in the post, I would like to say that all the annoyance was due to the cultural cluelessness of immigrants.

But it's not. For every immigrant family horde, there was two or three huge white Americans driving their carts like they drive their SUVs - worse, if that's possible.

I could feel the tension building up in my arms, I wanted to ram someone. But I wanted to get back home to my drinking, not spend the afternoon in jail or the emergency clinic.

I had to forcibly calm myself. I started parking my cart out of the way, at the end of aisles. Then I could walk in, and effortlessly dodge the zombies.

The one cute chick I managed to talk to ended up having such a thick Pilipino accent that I got dizzy for a moment. I t felt like I was back in Subic City.


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