Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Joshua Trees

ex-nnvmtgbrkr's real estate moron suppository source.

(I can't figure out how to zero the link in any better than that - you'll have to search for his handle on the page.)


The_Scum said...

I love the gnarly aged character Joshua trees exude.

There are a few of them just north of Searchlight and some more on areas of 95 North of Vegas.

I thing I FIRST saw one driving from Laughlin to Phoenix, North of Prescott. I was immediately attracted to the twisted and warped appearance of survival in the desert.

Every day I look more and more like a Joshua tree. Suits me well.

The_Scum said...

thing = think but spelled a little differently. I was distracted by Joshua Tree induced near orgasm.

The_Scum said...

" Comment by ex-nnvmtgbrkr
2007-09-17 20:54:26
“Hey, Professor, you tellin’ me you’d kick Britney out of bed?”

If the Professor won’t, I will. I’d need a half-gallon vodka and a Viagra the size of a football to even consider it. Since I’ve been sober for seven years and have no plans of fallin’ off the wagon, then yeah..I’d kick her outta bed and all the way to the curb (with a Joshua tree firmly lodged, of course). "

Figured that would save Lavi's huge yet ADD inflicted fanatics a few minutes searching.

Hell, I'll fuck Britney while he has drink pondering how to get the Joshua out of his ass without tearing his rectum too badly.

Why? Because fucking Britney would be the patriotic thing to do.

Lavi D. said...

Just for the record, ex-nnvmtgbrkr is the first one on the HBB to suggest sodomizing predatory lenders (as well as fraudulent borrowers) with joshua trees.

If any of this makes sense, you are more of an Impending Credit Meltdown fan than you are an America Idol fan.

Anonymous said...

"sodomizing predatory lenders" ???


So they hold a gun to your head and make you sign the loan papers? Isn't this like blaming the lobbyist for congressional corruption?

That's a crock.

"... with freedom comes consequences. The freedom to spend all your money on lottery tickets is, apparently, not the freedom to lose your house as a result: foreclosures are bad, and the government should step in." (thanks to J. Pournelle)

I have no sympathy for anyone that buys a house they can't afford. Neither do I have sympathy for anyone that loans money to someone that can't pay it back, etc.

Similarly I don't care about people that choose to live without flood insurance in a below sea-level hurricane prone location.

Two simple rules:
1. Life has risk. Plan accordingly.
2. Take responsibility for your actions.


Lavi D. said...

The Union Tribune. “In recent weeks, the mortgage industry has put out the word that it is shocked, simply shocked at the amount of fraud involved in home loans. ‘People are deceiving lenders at an alarming rate,’ said Jonathan Kempner, who heads the Mortgage Bankers Association.”

“But how innocent is the mortgage industry? Were lenders, as Kempner said, ‘the principal victims of mortgage fraud’? Or did the industry, with its lax standards, create an atmosphere in which fraud became pervasive? And did some mortgage firms aid and abet the fraud?”

I am not, for a moment, attempting to defend idiot borrowers, but there's sleaze on both sides of the table, and that's basically ex-nnvmtgbrkr's point, as well.

Joshua tree enemas for all!

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