Monday, October 15, 2007

Fine Grain

The pulverization of the Stardust appears to be complete.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone chronicled the transformation from a pile of debris to a pile of rain-washed gravel?


Lavi D. said...

I'm curious as to whether they are going to mix the stuff with lime (or whatever) and use it as concrete for the Plaza (which is supposedly going to be erected on the site)

Anonymous said...

never mind Mrs Robinson, I have one word for you: "gunite"

vinnymoe said...

Limestone+clay+gypsum= Portland cement,add sand & gravel & you have concrete.Lime is added to sand & cement to make mortar.The lime is only to make the mortar stick to the trowel & brick/block while the mason is building a wall.
The more lime the weaker the mortar when dry.
Sorry couln't help myself.Kinda like the "where is the dome" thing

Dabbeling on

Lavi D. said...

Hey VM, thanks for the info.

Do you think it's possible that that pile of crushed material could be mixed with something and used to build?

vinnymoe said...

Hard say'n not know'n what it is.
Might be mixed for a slurry filler in pilings or retaing walls or...the .99c pancake breakfast at the nickle palace. SHIT GOTTA GIT MY LAUNDRY.
Done dabbling

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