Friday, November 16, 2007

Bike Buster

11/16/07 20:35

I just rode my bike up to BlockBuster local store #32016.   I leaned my bike against a wall inside, far from any merchandise racks.

I was quickly informed by an employee that the manager, Brandon, didn't want me to put my bike inside, because it "could be a hazard".

Seeing as how there was no bike rack outside this store, I thought this was something that needed addressing.

If gasoline gets to $5 a gallon, LOTS of people are going to suddenly find that bikes are a great way to get to Blockbusters.

If I were you, I'd put cheap iron bike racks outside of EVERY Blockbuster and then advertise how BB is helping the environment by encouraging the use of alternative transportation.

The BBs that don't have bikeracks?   Let people park their bikes inside.   Ooh, Scary.

You have stores.   Your death-rival, Netflix, does not.   This is something you can do that they can't.

I'm just saying.


Thank you for your inquiry.
The reference number for your question is 'xxxxxx-xxxxxx'.   Depending on the
category you selected, you should receive a response from our Customer Care
Department within the timeframe listed below.

* BLOCKBUSTER Online Rentals and Total Access - 4 hours
* BLOCKBUSTER.COM Website Feedback - 4 hours
* BLOCKBUSTER DVD Purchases - 1 hour
* BLOCKBUSTER Rewards Program - 24-48 hours
* BLOCKBUSTER Store Feedback - 24-48 hours
* BLOCKBUSTER Corporate - 24-48 hours

* Other - 4 hours

If you do not receive a response from us, please check your SPAM or Junk Mail
folder.   We also recommend adding to your address book to allow receipt of our replies.

Update - 11/20/07

You see the line(s) above that read, BLOCKBUSTER Store(Corporate) Feedback - 24-48 hours?

Well, precise calculations using both Mickey's hands and a few of his toes, reveal that it's now been about 77 hours and not so much as a "WTF?" from my dear friend Mr. Block Buster.

My friend Dave suggested I throw my bike through their front window and somehow attempt to blame them for the incident.   Well, hell no, I spent way too much time working on that bike.

If I had a choice between bike rides and movies as my life long form of entertainment, I'd take a Specialized hard-tail with pannier-mounted hellfire missiles, just so you know.


The_Scum said...

Please post a phone number for that Blockbuster.

Mindless harrassment over customer service actually works.


The_Scum said...

Always happy to help, here is my email:

I read on my favorite locals blog that Brandon, manager of store #32016 doesn't like customers with bikes.

Plus Brandon at store #32016 doesn't provide an outside bike rack.

I have a bike.

I USED to be a customer. I can rent elsewhere.

Have a nice day!

Story blogged here:

Anonymous said...

Since they don't have a bike rack, if you locked your bike to the front door a few times, it might occur to Brandon that inside leaning against the wall isn't so bad

Lavi D. said...


I told the poor kid who was tasked with telling me about my bike that, "I'm old. I have senile dementia. I'm not going to remember you told me that."

You should have seen me trying to get my bike out. This is an old-school Blockbusters - the one where the building looks like it was designed by the TSA - there is an "in" door on one side of the customer service counter and an "out" door on the other side.

I believe it was simple karma that I had a bitch of a time getting my bike out of the "in" door - there are no handles, just tiny knobs for the deadbolts. I could have locked the in doors, I guess and taken my bike out the "out" doors.

But, I am (usually) a nice person.

And I have no guns.

Lavi D. said...

Oh, and this is the BB at Sahara and Ft. Apache.

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