Friday, November 16, 2007

My Bike is Hawt

I love bicycles. I love riding bicycles. I love that bicycle parts - can be - very sweetly crafted. Bicycles and bicycle parts are, for me, the flip side of guns. Guns are very powerful and many of them are very sweetly crafted. I have many friends with guns. But I am more into the bicycles.

The above is a picture of my "Casino Cruiser". I live within three miles of about 20 restaurants, bars and casinos. It seemed a shame to me to pull out the car and drive 1.2 miles to a bar. Not to mention the whole DUI mess.

So I went shopping for a "Beach Cruiser". I found the beauty pictured above at the BroadAcres Swap Meet

It's a steel, 26 inch, men's frame, beach cruiser. $40.

I'm gonna juice (pimp?) it up. But don't tell anybody. Springer front end, three-speed hub rear end. Oh yeah.


The_Scum said...

AHha Ah ah ahHAHhAAHh...FIRST!

I bought my bike a few years ago. $40 for a 5-speed Huffy old fart bike that even has chrome fenders. It looks a LOT like your bike but I see no fenders on yours.

I have been walking to the neighborhood bar (1/2 mile 5 minutes) but I may start to ride my bike. I don't have a cable but I do have a lock.

But then what do I do when the middle aged giant breasted hose offers me a ride home?queen

The_Scum said...

giant breasted hose "insert word queen" offers.

I guess I was a tad bit excited typing that.

Lavi D. said...

Wouldn't the DHMGF have a bit of a problem with that?

The_Scum said...

DHMGF is no longer DHMing on me.

I'm free to troll.

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