Friday, November 30, 2007

It Was just a Matter of Time

The state of Arizona, my home before Nevada, is jonesing for cigarette tax money.

Goose? Egg? Gold?

And what are the poor Madd Mothers going to do once no one drinks any more?


The_Scum said...

They double price of cigarettes with taxes and then expect the money to keep rolling in???

Ah AHaHha I be first to laugh at the greedy nanny state politicians!

Lavi D. said...


I wonder how strong the temptation is in various state capitals to begin to urge people not to, you know, quit smoking completely.

I mean, just about every state needs some smokers.   You older fucks without kids, you can keep smoking.


The_Scum said...

I'm an older fuck WITH kids but I haven't quit yet. Someday maybe I will, when the Michelob beer truck slams my ass through my brain while I'm jaywalking.

Until then I stay well insured so my kids will reap the monetary benefit of the beer truck scenario if it comes to fruition.

Is fruition a real word?

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