Monday, January 21, 2008

Just Say No

Mike Hickaboo doesn't believe in evolution.   Which, basically, means that he doesn't believe in science.   Personally, I am horrified that the United States, in the frickin' 21st century for fuck's sake, has an anti-science presidential candidate who is anything other than a fringe embarrassment.

I fear for our future.


Ah hell, I fucking hate this.   I just looked at a couple of videos of Huckabee laying down his line, and he basically says what I think, "I don't know how long it [evolution] took"

Actually, he seems as reasonable as a religious whack-job can be.

I don't have the energy to work up another post tonight, so I'm going to let this hatchet job stand.   Feel free to disregard it.  

Just for the record, statements like, "I have a personal relationship with Jesus" make my skin crawl.   As far as I'm concerned, that's right up there with, "The aliens probed my anus".

Wow, listening to Huckabob, he sounds god-awful level-headed.

I'm disarmed.

But then, he could just be lying trying to get elected.   It's happened before.


Anonymous said...

Combine the two concepts: his relationship can't get much more personal since he's just a stick puppet for the alien jeebus with it's hand stuck up ...

well, you get the picture.

Besides, he's a politician - they'll say or do anything, spend any amount, to cajole people to vote for them.

About the only thing worse than a politician is a religious politician; he can pick your pocket *and* break your leg.


Lavi D. said...

This entire post is screwed up.

I am not an atheist, I am an agnostic.

As soon as someone comes up with verifiable evidence of a supernatural being, I'll believe in it.

Huckabee basically has the same question about evolution that I do - "What if God used evolution as part of creation?"

I'm alright with that question. There's no proof to back it up as a workable theory, but there was a time when humans couldn't prove the existence of helium, either.

What's really execrable, and should have been the subject of this post, was his assertion that the Constitution be changed to reflect "God's Law".

I'd like to ask Huckaban how he thought that was working out for Iran.

The_Scum said...

So are you officially on record for condemning alien anus probing?

I'm sure that is legally offered in state sanctioned brothels outside Clark County (but nearby).

Lavi D. said...

So are you officially on record for condemning alien anus probing?

Well, as Kang (or Kodos) put it, "We have reached the limits of what rectal probing can teach us"

The_Scum said...

Perhaps you and Kang just need a new anal probee.

Love the Kang reference.

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