Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Victory Gardening

A while back, there was a Government Public Service Announcement on television which attempted to link drug purchases with the funding of terrorism.

Well, anyone with a functioning bahrain stem can figure out that the local gas station funds a hell of a lot more Islamic groups than the local pot dealer.

If we were really serious about shutting down Islamic terrorism, we, as a nation, would go out of our way to avoid using unnecessary oil.   But, hell, this ain't 1941, is it?


The_Scum said...

I plant a 'victory garden' of my own. Here in Vegas may I be first to point out depending on how many horned tomato worms you subsidize the cost of watering the damn tomatos and chilis water use keeping the bastards alive through the summer may consume more energy and dollars than just buying them at the store.

They taste better though. At least thats what I tell myself.

When I buy a house (hah hah aha) there will be minimal landscape, some trees for shade, and maximum veggies.

Welcome back Lavi - hope this means you are healthier.

Lavi D. said...

Chiles. Hmmmm.

I roast them. When I lived in Tucson, we used to get a 15# bag of chiles in September. The guys would set up in the supermarket parking lots and they'd roast the whole thing for you in a rotating mesh drum over a propane torch.

Nothing like driving home with 15# of hot, roasted chiles in the car.

The_Scum said...

I prefer them raw or mixed in with food.

I grew Jalapenos, Thai Red Dragons and Bells last year. Peppers do pretty good in Vegas.

I got an absolute BUTTLOAD of the Thai Red Dragons. I may make ristras and crush some into crushed red peppers. They are damn hot, but not as hot as Habeneros (which I have also grown but don't like due to a burnt charcoal type flavor).

Hah H AhhHahhh....I have a few radishes, green onions and peas growing now.

So you feeling better Lavi?

Anonymous said...

Would these chili's be the same that are sold in Santa Fe NM?

The_Scum said...

A lot of chili comes from the Hatch area of south central New Mexico and is sold worldwide.

Whether those are what Lavi bought in Tucson and you bought in Santa Fe...who knows?

I've seen Hatch chili's sold in large burlap bags at the vacant lot tent sale place located at Spring Mountain and Rainbow.

Black Heart Candle said...

Never have tried to grow hot peppers here. The soil is rich enough to try just about anything.

I was inquiring about the chiles as we purchased some while on vacation once. Just trying to get a visual if they were the same type.

Lavi D. said...

chili - the stuff that comes out of a can if you're not savvy enough to use CHILES to make chili.

Just clarifying terms/spelling here.

Black Heart Candle said...
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Black Heart Candle said...

Actually I had the establishment Chili's on the brain.
I make chili from scratch using fresh chile's and spices, grown from my garden.
I also use green chile's to stuff hamburgers.

The_Scum said...

"chili - the stuff that comes out of a can if you're not savvy enough to use CHILES to make chili."

I've been pwned!

PS...Black Silk Stockings...I use them to stuff burgers too.

Black Heart Candle said...

PS...Black Silk Stockings...I use them to stuff burgers too.

Sheshh- they are Black Fishnets, not silk.

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