Friday, January 4, 2008

Mortgage Pigmen

Presenting... Bumper Stickers for Real Estate Victims ™ everywehre.
  • Were you forced into a loan you couldn't afford?
  • Did bad people make you sign papers that you didn't understand?
  • About to lose your home because you can't make $9000/mo house payments on your McDonald's night-shift supervisor salary?
Here's how you can tell the whole world that it's not your fault!


Anonymous said...

Anyone can queue up for the "abusive loan" bail-out. The only condition for receiving your check is that you also receive an "L" branded on your forehead.

Of course, this is not really any different that welfare to ADM in the form of ethanol subsidies.

(or as Lavi would say, Feh)


The_Scum said...

My favorite mortgage pigfucker site.

And I mean 'mortage pigfucker' in a nice family oriented way!

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