Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Relative Sicknesses

I'm sick.   I have a cold.   My head feels like it's full of wet cement.   I went to five drugstores trying to get the stuff that I always use to clear the congestion - Sudafed Non-Drowsy, Non-Drying gelcaps.

I can't find them.   They contain pseudoephedrine (not that jack-ass phenylephrine HCI) which apparently, someone's stupid children use to make meth-amphetamine.   In response, someone's stupid politicians decided to restrict the sale of pseudoephedrine in order to appear to be doing something about drug abuse.   Whether this has anything to do with it, I don't know, but the gelcaps are gone.

So, the upshot of all this is they make the meth in Mexico now where people understand the laws of supply-and-demand - chalk one up to outsourcing - and I get to show my license and sign an electronic screen in order to get an over-the-counter cold remedy.  Yes, I got psuedoephedrine, but not in the form best suited to my needs.   This is why we can't have nice things.

You know, if restricting a useful product actually cuts down on the stupid, maybe we ought to try it on other things, like, say, legislation?

Oh yeah.   Happy Frickin' New Year


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain; I can't even get laudanum anymore.

I was going to point out that you can get nearly anything online, and perhaps you should lay on an ample supply of needed materials (and these are available at drugstore.com), but hark! there's a warning from our Esteemed Leaders:

Please Note: The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration now requires that we verify identification by seeing a copy of photo identification from all customers who purchase items that contain Pseudoephedrine.

Enjoy the new 21st century. Do it for the children, none of whom shall be left behind. Etc.


vinnymoe said...

Move back to Tucson and you can join the rest of the old farts on the bus departing El Con mall to go 50 mi. south where you can buy anything you like. Leagally, sort of
As far as legislation goes; these morons must not know it takes a case of psudafed to make a salable amount of speed.How about showing I.D. if you buy in bulk?
Or bbetter yet let them all die sucking on the glass dick.
F- them all. I hate tweekers ,hippies and polticos with nothing better to do.

Felix said...

So sorry you are sick. :( But please don't use pseudoephedrine or meth, lol! Maybe some of these techniques would be more effective:


Get well soon!

The_Scum said...

Why the sperm label?

Lavi D. said...

I can't slip anything past you, can I?

Okay, here's the deal - when I post it takes me at least 5 tries to get it right. I usually have to publish the post and review numerous times before I'm satisfied. During one of those iterations, some of the text included the word "sperm" and so I added it to the labels. In a subsequent edit, I removed the word, but forgot to take it out of the label.

There, far more info than you probably bargained for, I'm sure.

Thanks for reading!

The_Scum said...

"I usually have to publish the post and review numerous times before I'm satisfied."

Bloggal masturbation much?

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