Thursday, February 28, 2008

Angels Ladies

This is, in fact, a functioning brothel.   I didn't get a shot of the functioning part because it was too dark.   What you see are the last rays of the sun blasting this sign.

My take?   The "angels" crashed here in a twin-engine Beechcraft and ended up on "ho" duty.   Perhaps for daring to disturb the pristine wilderness.  

Or something.  

I dunno, maybe Al Gore had them pressed into bondage for not possessing the correct amount of Carbon Credits.

???ck Parking.   Uh, yeah.   You figure it out.


Black Heart Candle said...

I wonder if these ladies were given wings for being good passengers.


vinnymoe said...

OMG, The Plane's Going Down???....WHAT?? Outside Of Clark County??!! AAHHHH!!

I Guess we are too!

vinnymoe said...

OMG, The Plane's Going Down???....WHAT?? Outside Of Clark County??!! AAHHHH!!

I Guess we are too!

Second to be FIRST

vinnymoe said...

Cool pic. I guess they installed the beacon on the pole as a safety measure after the first mishap.
Or perhaps the first batch of castaways were not quite up to "angel" standards. In that case the light searves a dual purpose,; it lets the truckers know "entering red light district" And, any pilot who remembers his FAA training regs knows a single blinking red light means "Do Not Land Any More Unattractive Women Here"

The_Scum said...

SInce i was on the road and could read but not comment I have a few things to mention:

How the hell could you drive by all the orifice available whore houses and document the most famous 'closed for sale' whore house? To reach the Hawthorne you had to drive by both the Shady Ladies and Amgels. Yet Lavi comments on the closed place.


Then you post about huge weapons in Hawthorne without commenting that Hawthorne is also home to the US Naval Undersea Warfare Center. Is that not more ironic than huge guns in a playground???

I've traveled a lot through the wasteland of a state we call Nevada since moving to Vegas a little while ago. Being the rude, crude and socially obnoxious degenrate I am I notice where the whorehouses are....note Winnemucca has THREE and even Battle Mountain and Ely have one (pay for sex in a shithole?).

Next time I'm in Winnemucca I'll take a picture of the huge National Guard building. What the fuck are they guarding Winnemucca from? Anyone stupid enough to attempt an armed takeover of Winnemucca should be given exactly what they deserve.........


As a collegue of mine once stated, almost profoundly, "Why do you think they tested nuclear weapons here anyways?".

Happy to be back, after a few days I'll be dominating the firstinest again.

I'll start taking my new digital camera on road trips too.

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