Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The city of Hawthorne, NV is well defended.   They have 50mm guns in the playgrounds!   Eat this, you fucking commies terrists!

Apparently, it's surprisingly simple to operate a 50mm gun.

Bastards.   I love my country and the bad-ass things we've done for freedom and justice.   What we've become makes me want to cry.


D said...

Johnny! You better come in after recess or Ms Grundy will take your ass out at 2,000 yards.

Rock Candy said...

I bet that would put a stop to the school yard bullies!!

unless they are running the guns...Oiy Vay!

D-- go to the corner, you forgot to call Furst!

D said...

Before they were relegated to enforcing the recess regulations, the Guns of Hawthorne (*) were poised to repel an invasion from the hordes from Gabbs and Schutz. The fact that such an invasion never occurred is a wordless testament to the awesome power of the Guns.

* = featured in a motion picture starring Bill Peck and Fred Niven

Lavi D. said...

Johnny! You better come in after recess

I give up.

Apparently Scum is the only one who cares about this "first" crap.

And, he was so good at it.

Ah well.   Biff would have something profound to say about it all, I'm sure.

The Johnny reference was at least not lost on me.

D said...

"Forgot"? Nah, I just didn't think Ms Grundy could hit Johnny with the furst shot.

Lavi D. said...

This could be a vertigo moment, given whatever propensity you have for imagination.

You are on the deck of a US battle cruiser in the Pacific in 1943 and you have to hit "Emgcy Run"

Blood chills.

Rock Candy said...

scum has been known to knock over old ladies in the local walmart just so he can get a first!

Lavi D. said...

scum has been known to knock over old ladies in the local walmart just so he can get a first!

Few things I read online make me laugh out loud.

That was one!


vinnymoe said...

In Dec. '41 50% of americans lived rural areas , farmers/ranchers/miners/fishermen//and related trades...carpenters/mechanics/masons/grocer's/blacksmiths& folk who ran the Mercantile.

After Dec. 7th ,it took (2)extremely short years to assemble the most powerfull force history has EVER seen.

After we jump off the swing we'll go round-d-round on the twin deck gun.


vinnymoe said...

Apperantly it was suprisingly easy to operate as a free man back then.

I wonder if there was a five day waiting period for one of these boys.
Safty officers are one thing but Was OSHA poking around the boat?
Lucky Srikes came in your C-Rations yet now you can't OWN a bar in witch YOU allow Your patrons to smoke.
Doctors who not to long ago could be paid in meat and eggs are now forced to carry malpractice ins. costing hundreds of thousands a year, all because of a tort system gone mad.
Helmet Laws.
Register your Bicycle.
I can't do business on my cell while driving, yet persons in this country ILLEGALLY may get drivers licences.
Most days I feel like I'm on EMGCY RUN.

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