Thursday, February 21, 2008


I have been jonesing for this thing since I first placed the order, a week ago Monday.   A week-to-ten-days my ass.   Bastards.

What you are seeing is a 22 tooth cog on a Shimano Nexus three-speed hub.   The original 19 tooth cog provided a gear range that was too high for practical use.

As it turns out, low gear with the original cog was about the same as the previous one-speed hub.

And as for the original cog's high-gear, well, I love this bike and she's a great lay it's a great ride and all, but there's no way I want to go that fast on a beach cruiser in a city where one pedestrian a week meets Allah in person.

(The bike, as pictured, is upside-down)


D said...

Lavi -

Have patience with the Post Office.
After all, your 22 tooth granny gear will get down the road 15% more slowly; what do you care if it took a few extra days getting to you.

Lavi D. said...

Have patience with the Post Office.

, have patience with the Post Office.


D said...

Now that's just rubbing it in, eh?

At Bike Sebring a guy our age rode 20 miles per hour for 24 hours (480 miles). I'll bet he uses a 19 tooth cog

The_Scum said...

"a guy our age"

What's that?

I don't recommend badmouthing the United States Postal Service. It's called going Postal for a reason.

The key to sustained biking speed is to always ride in the downhill direction. Hope that helps.

Rock Candy said...

oh boys, *whistle* check out my latest blog post. I think I may have Lavi's bike porn trumped with my windshield wiper porn.

btw, Lavi are the blue speckles on your she-bike some sort of genital warts?

D said...

Dear Rock; won't the wiper blade overhang damage the antenna?

Your wiper porn easily trumps any of Lavi's bike porn, despite the sexy Nexus hub.

Rock Candy said...

hell, I am a chick and even I did not notice an antenna! D, are you sure you are feeling alright?

D said...

Rock, I am not a chick, and I adore beautiful chicks dressed or not, but alas - I'm an engineer and I tend to notice issues such as the ankle/antenna clearance problem or the burqua / bike chain entanglement possibility.

Your new wipers are already famous, a story was written about it: "Cat on a hot tin roof"

vinnymoe said...

I see the situation now;(2) Engineers (2)chicks who have not ridden a bike in a dress and the Host is a programmer .

I guess It's up to me to point out that she could not possibly ride the bike without hiking-up her skirt.
There for no need for a chain gard or worries of burqua-catching.

Which is why it was considered "un-ladylike" for females to ride bikes until the mid. 20th century.

The chain-gard is so boys/girls wearing pants don't get thier pant leg caught in the sproket and go SPLAT!!! Ya Know what that feels like if you ever spent any handle bar time...With out a chain gard ;and with or without a penis.

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