Thursday, February 7, 2008




The_Scum said...

Scary beyond Janet Reno.

Scary beyond first.

vinnymoe said...

Should one pick the other as a running mate this will be the face of your facist Head of State.You are truly a visionary.
Granted, there are no good choices; only bad & much worse.
Enough of that depressing crap, give us more prurient T&A. Maybe pulling in some more half nekkid harlets at heart.

Us phirst 3 "LAVIDIANS" seem to find more screen time behind those sophmoric servings.

Thats right Scummy First on "Lavidians" (all right reserved)...except for Lavi.

Rock Candy said...

what a total Obamanation!!

how could you, Lavi?? I may not be able to sleep now....thanks a lot! *shudder*

***avid Billary hater***

Rock Candy said...

ummm just so you know Vinny, I am an educated HARLOT!

Who just happens to be 'gifted'.

vinnymoe said...

Rocky, I expected nothing less. I can't help but dig a loquacious lady who can yell out my name (maybe in more than one language) ie. "goddanmit Vinnie put the toilet seat down!"

Given your photo "gifted" is accepted.
By the way,I can't quite make out what that is sticking out between your...uummm left and rightt brain. A little help?

vinnymoe said...

Possibly a book mark?
Thanks for playing in Lavis sand box,your a great addition.

vinnymoe said...

No time to wait for the switchman to wake up so didn't take the siding to Hooterville. Made a stop in Lamecaster,brought a valentine,purty flowers & a likeness of the young'un.
It's gittin' hard to hold on to this phone pole and type alltogether,hope I don't gaff-out on the way down.
The trains a-waitin'.

Scub-up,grub-up & hop-up

Lavi D. said...

I really don't want to run a "political" blog - there's enough of that out there as it has.

However, personally, I think the American people get the best deal when one party controls the white house and one party controls Congress.

That way, they spend more time fighting each other and less time screwing us.

Because I'm fairly sure that the Democrats, as incompetent and mealy-mouthed as they are (God, Reid has even less balls than Pelosi), are going to increase their members in Congress, all I can say is,

McCain '08!

Enough said. I'm with V-Moe, back to fun stuff.   Not necessarily the degradation of women, but at least something of a light-hearted appreciation of the sexual foibles and quirks of us all.

Yeah, right.

Black Heart Candle said...

This photo makes Janet Reno look like one hot mama!

I personally am a Mc Cain fan. I was suprised to read that Ann Coulter was thinking of supporting Hillary.

Rock Candy said...

The object between my breasteses is a giant fake $100. The picture was taken at a pimps and ho's party in Houston. All the gifted gals got money that night.

Sorry, I hope it does not get me run off your wonderful blog...but I am an Obama supporter. McCain and his 100 years of war scare the beejeebus out of me!

I am from Arizona (Go Cholla Chargers!!) originally and 10 years ago I liked McCain but he has changed a lot in that time and seems a bit off kilter to me.

Vinny there are some nifty tricks that will help you hang onto that pole and possibly generate some money for you. *wink*

Black Heart Candle said...

Now I get who this picture reminds of,Sanjaya Malakar. He was the young diva on American Idol a couple seasons ago.

Lavi D. said...

He was the young diva on American Idol a couple seasons ago.

Isn't a "diva" female?   Wouldn't he be a Devo?

Rock Candy said...

The only good thing to come out of American Idol was Chris Daughtry.

I have stopped watching it unless I am bored to tears and want to annoy my boyfriend.

vinnymoe said...

Dee -Ee -Vee -Oe.
Sanjiya, Obama, what's the dif?
Until 3 years ago when a sitting,or more accurately, prone Illinois senator went and died, Obama was a STATE senator, voting on issues of great geo-political magnitude such as floating a bond issue to build a new dog park or who should be responsible for graffiti removal on bus benches in his district.Jesus even if I was a democrat it would be obvious this guy just aint there yet.

That's the kindest thing Iv'e said about a democrat in 25 years.

F***in' commie scum. AAHHH That feels much better now.

You should be scared Rocky. The folks who need killin' are very scary. "100 years"? What needs to be done, must be done. Time is only what keeps everything from happening at once.

Hopfully we can get this little battle for the future of the planet over before the next episode of American Idol.

Sorry Lavi,cant help myself.

Back to the blog.
" pimps & ho's party"? Yeah that's what i'm talkin' bout.

It's my pole and I'll do with it what I want. Got any "tricks" for removing splinters?
The doc over in Mt. Pelier says it'l feel better when it stops hurtin'

Lavi D. said...

Sorry, I hope it does not get me run off your wonderful blog...but I am an Obama supporter.

I am a uniterer, not a deciderist.

Lavi D. said...

I also don't have any clothes on.

I think the shower's hot now.

vinnymoe said...

Holy shit lavi, your makin' me a liitle warm now.
Time for a nap/shower myself & then check on the job, buy more beer.....
In other words I'll be blothering back soon.

Rock Candy said...

It's my pole and I'll do with it what I want. Got any "tricks" for removing splinters?
The doc over in Mt. Pelier says it'l feel better when it stops hurtin'

actually I do....large splinters? duct tape to rip them out and stop fornicating with the trees. I hate tree huggers ya know!

small splinters? buy some sulpher ointment or boil remover salve, slap that on your uh...hmmm....prickly prick...apply ONE layer do NOT RUB IT IN! wrap it up for the night and the nasty splinters will be in the gauze in the morning....and stop molesting some poor kids peg board!

peg board

vinnymoe said...

Rocky, thanks for the tips,but I'm a little cofused; you Hate tree huggers yet are For Obama.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Hey Blackie, when I'm on the road I like to do audio books to keep me awake. Since you mentioned Ann Colter, I just finished her book "Godless" it's a pretty good recap of the last ten or so years of leftist lunacy, check it out.

Ever one should read the chapter detailing Joe & Valerie Wilsons treasonous behavior concerning his trip to Niger & subsequent lies.

Rock Candy said...

I will post my thoughts about Obama on my blog later. I do not want to turn this lovely smut a thon into a political debate.

I will say this much and then hush. I have a son that was in the military and I have an ex husband about to leave for Iraq with the Army and another son that is considering joining the military. I have no desire to see any of them die...let alone for a lie forced onto the American people. I want our soldiers home where they belong.

Now I feel like I should post a pornographic photo to get back on

vinnymoe said...

Rocky, I agree completely with your last paragraph.

God bless the young Men as well as you MOMS.

The_Scum said...

MOMS are fine but MILFS are better.

God bless the MILFS.

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