Monday, March 10, 2008

Derelicts Bicycle Club

[Update - 03/10/08 This is it, I swear]
[Update - 03/10/08 Final Cut, I hope]

We're not in trouble.   We are trouble.


Rock Candy said...

Let me be the FURST to say I would buy that t-shirt!

as a gift for my favorite derelict of course!

The_Scum said...

Damnit, the first's are getting more difficult.

Would one have to actually ride a bicycle to join or would just owning one be enough?

I can still ride pretty going downhill.

The_Scum said...

...pretty GOOD going....

D said...

Lavi - Rock Candy, in addition to being furst, is also right.

Make this t-shirt!

You'd sell at least 2 to us, but think of woot....

Rock Candy said...

ahh hahahahaha I prefer the FURST comment, Scum.

It allowed me to picture you ala Julie Andrews, riding your bike singing "I feel pretty".

D-- be very careful. You just said you thought a woman was right...dangerous words in these parts!

Black Heart Candle said...

Would it be possible to open a chapter in the Atlanta area?

I think I know a couple that could benefit - or should I say be beneficial to your club!

Lavi D. said...

I'm glad y'all like the design.

Any level of debauchery will qualify you as a Derelict.   You don't even need to own a bicycle.   It's a club, not a clicque.

The minimum order for a run of silk-screened shirts is 24.   It comes out to about $250.

If you folks can help me scrounge up enough orders to defray costs, i.e., 10 shirts @ $25, or 24 @ $10.50, etc, then I'd love to get them done.

Let me know.

D said...

1) Lavi - what color shirt? White is passe and not sufficiently debauched. But put me down for three shirts.

2) Rock - I have absolutely no qualms about a woman being right. I work amidst a multitude of morons - I can't be picky when a sparkle of truth comes along.


Lavi D. said...

what color shirt?

I'm thinking peppercorn - it's sort of a gray, or salt-and-pepper. I don't want a dark color because I do ride and dark colors don't cut it in the des'

This is what I have so far

me - 2
Scum - 3

(D, I know I already owe you a shirt)

Lavi D. said...

I feel pretty
Oh so pretty

I feel pretty
and witty
and gaaaaaaay

The_Scum said...

Pockets on the shirts or I won't wear them. I must have a place to keep me smokes while I'm riding downhill or standing by the side of the road hitchhiking a lift uphill.

HAH AH AHAhahah....but I don't mean to be a needy assed broke dick high maintenance old fart.

Lavi D. said...

Pockets on the shirts...

What kind of deprived childhood did you have?

Didn't anyone ever show you how to roll a pack of smokes up in your t-shirt sleeve?

The_Scum said...

I try to go for a more distinguished look now.

Black Heart Candle said...

I try to go for a more distinguished look now.

distinguished for some reason doesn't seem to fit you.

The_Scum said...

I rate this post 'five diamonds'™. This rating may be subject to an upgrade if actual shirts in non-gay colors and with pockets are actually produced.

The starfish many limbed girl was a 'seven diamond'™ post for comparison.

Also, a more distinguished look is always relative to past appearances and subject to opinion.

vinnymoe said...

Must I be the One to quote

"As handy as a pocket on a shirt"-- Some Old Smart Guy.

I won't buy a shirt, for work , without a pocket.
Need to carry, note book & pen.
Remember the engineers in the house will be needing pocket protectors for the same, plus slide-rule, 7 different color pens & unused condoms rotated on a shelf life basis.

I Hade to ;The engineers I'm working with at present have pushed me to this point.

Pocket on a shirt.

vinnymoe said...

Hade = had

The_Scum said...

"Remember the engineers in the house will be needing pocket protectors for the same, plus slide-rule, 7 different color pens & unused condoms rotated on a shelf life basis."

Dude, welcome to the new millenium. I haven't used a slide rule since the early 70's when I was in junior high. Even Blackberries have calculators, I haven't seen a pocket protector in decades much less seen someone using one except Instrument Technicians, colored pens are for Geologists so the can take the real engineers coffee orders correctly and unless a bitch swallows my cum she isn't worth being with.

Engineers now days hang with a Blackberry, a wireless laptop they leave in the rental car, no calculator since math is done in the office for precision and mental estimates work for the field since nobody else can do simple math even with a calculator, worn leather jackets and five day stubble. I don't even comb my fucking hair anymore.

Since being a real engineer hasn't been popular for a couple decades we pretty much don't give a shit much about a Corporate America thinks about us since there isn't anyone to replace us. For every two old farts dying or retiring there is only 1/2-1 young punk to hire to replace us. That means we're so busy preventing CNN type obviously massive failures we're cold, callous, anti-social and very anal.

That's why we became engineers.

/rant from the Waldorf and Statlor Engineering peanut gallery.

Happy steak and BJ day dudes.

vinnymoe said...

Clearly, I don't work with Real engineers.

Lavi, Did you say "WOOT"?

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