Thursday, March 13, 2008

News Bite


D said...

The furst plane was shot down by Dick Cheney as skeet shooting practice.

The_Scum said...

....and even more innocent citizens were sucked past the event horizon into the black hole of Homeland Security.

Rock Candy said... was an accident

I was doing some warm ups for tomorrow's Steak and a BJ holiday. *EG*

D said...

I thought my skeet shooting explanation was funny, but I confess I prefer Rock Candy's version.

Anonymous said...

comment counter on top please

vinnymoe said...

Damn girl,
A golf ball through a garden hose is one thing; But a small plane out of 600 sq. mi. of air space!?!

You da Shit!!!

Rock Candy said...

I find it is the easiest way to totally incapacitate a man.

The power to leave a man gasping for air, quivering and unable to speak, and SMILING ....priceless!

D said...

Not necessarily "priceless" but sometimes pretty expensive; just ask Spitzer.

Rock Candy said...

I am not a spitzer!!!!

oh whoops, you meant that NY prostitution bad.

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