Monday, April 28, 2008

More Signage

A shot of a sign similar to the one Scum was going on about.

Only in Vegas, baby.

Right in front of the Hilton "Grand Vacations" building, too. Someone didn't pay the city council's juice?

Not only that, is it a coincidence this chick looks just a bit like Paris?


The_Scum said...

Plagarism is the highest form of flattery!

May I be furst to thank you for pushing my blog towards fortune and glory!

There are three of those billboards on I-15 from milepost 88south into town.

I'd hit that bitch pictured! Like a jackhammer with the air valve tie-wrapped open!

I still think it's a scam for the dudes paying for the billboards to get free trim.

Rock Candy said...

Scum is lucky my connection froze up. I almost bumped his furst....damn it...oh well age before beauty.

As far as being a Paris look alike...this girl has a bit of meat on her bones...unlike the skinny crack monkey.

Rock Candy said...

damn it I almost forgot...while scum was so busy staring at her tits he failed to take the obvious pot shot about a tramp and all the hidden 'easter eggs' in the photo.

bait and tackle?
a pile of wood (en pallets)
some pipe laying (ok I know they are steel beams but still....)
and the 'gear box'

Anonymous said...

reverse number lookup claims that this is a real store:

Bait & Tackle Llc
4970 Arville St,
Las Vegas, NV 89118
Phone: (702) 432-7269

Only in Vegas, indeed

Anonymous said...

Wanna know what Bait and Tackle is really about? Check out their production website:

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