Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Desert Lobster

Remember this brainstorm?

There are strange things afoot in mid-Nevada.


The_Scum said...

A dirty ditch full of crawdads?


Been too busy for much furstiness.

D said...

Lunacy is recession proof

Rock Candy said...

Lunacy...what a great word D! People acting crazy in relation to the phases of the moon aka La Luna aka Lunar.

I think here in Nevada it is always a full moon! We already have Area 51 why not a crawfish farm too?

My company christmas party is tonight I am willing to bet there will be a lot of pinching tails and probably some sucking of heads as well. Party on!

D said...

Sucking heads? Do tell.
Are we invited??

Rock Candy said...

Those tales are not for this blog, D.

As far as 'we' being invited there are some less than desirable people that are here so I would have to say ...not just "no" ...but a very firm "thereisnofuckingwayinhell"

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