Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Some ideas are so bad that they just have to be done.

It's as if there's a dark, irresistible force which calls to madmen everywhere, demanding to be fed a constant diet of frighteningly inept implementations of truly horrible visions.


D said...

You're right - that's an entire new furst tier of ghastliness.

Upon approach, do you knock or request permission to come aboard?

The lovely nautical touches (rope rails on the stairs) clash with the obviously long-unfinished framing around the front door. Hatch. Whatever.

Nice catch.
This one didn't get away.

Rock Candy said...

I KNEW you looked familar when I met you Lavi!!

I think not wearing the funny hat must have confused me. I love what you have done with the place, Gilligan! ;)

The_Scum said...

What, no screen door?

How gauche.

Lavi D. said...

What I'd like to know is, was it supposed to be a business - restaurant, gift ship, etc - or a home?

And just how fucked up does a $100k+ boat have to be before you decide to stick it in the side yard and build a redwood door into it?

Is there a handy guide for determining when to pull the plug on a fifty-foot yacht and then give the finger to the manufacturer by parking it on a major highway with a hideous adulteration?

Maybe it's in the warranty.

D said...

Lavi - *you* found the thing and took the pictures. You're supposed to know what the damn thing is, pretends to be, or was supposed to be.

We are mere loyal readers...

vinnymoe said...

So the guy probably works to far away from Lake Mead to actually Float His Boat.

House Boat.

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