Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Non-Free Trade Zone

Welcome to Barstow.

Who comes up with this stuff? What an incredible graphic. What if there were no words? This sign could be interpreted as:

"No Numbered Cookie Sample Distribution"
"Don't Give Money to Your Children"
"Don't Steal From the Hand that Feeds You"
"Small People May Rob You"

A few more:

"Giants Collect Tolls from Trolls" - Rock Candy

"Don't feed the politicians" - Lavi
"Bribing Leprechauns Prohibited" - Lavi

"No Tithing" - D
"Quickly Grasshopper - try to snatch the coin from my hand..." - D


Rock Candy said...

"Giants collect tolls from trolls"

D said...

No tithing!

Don't use wooden nickles to bribe gods with clay feet and other metaphors.

D said...

Hey Lavi -

Just how large is that picture file? It takes 10 seconds to load -- so it's either a large file or you've switched to Winders Me

Lavi D. said...

It takes 10 seconds to load...

Could it be um, a piss-poor connection?

Actually, have my other images been that slow to load? I was my site from a friend's DSL and it was god-awful slow.

If that's the case, I'll start posting smaller shots with links to the larger versions.

D said...

Quickly Grasshopper - try to snatch the coin from my hand...

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