Friday, February 13, 2009


"You got Ford in my Chevy!"


The_Scum said...

Furst to comment most Ford truck owners can't read.

D said...

fickle bastard Bill ditched me for the Scum and the Lavi refresh notification system.

belated second

Black Heart Candle said...

I guess Scum can't read, I thought he blogged he owned a Ford

The_Scum said...

Yes, I own a Ford and can not read.

I am searching for a large breasted friendly Lady to read blogs to me.

Black Heart Candle said...

Good Luck with that boobage hunt.

D said...

Scum - you want:
1) large breasted
2) literate
3) likes (or at least tolerates) you

I don't even know you and I'd give better odds to the Kellog-Briand Pact.

Lavi D. said...

"Hey baby. Let me park my Ford in your Chevy"

That should work.

The_Scum said...

Hopefully she's got the new Chevy Vagooter, low miles.

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