Friday, April 10, 2009


I haven't heard that the Fontainebleau is in trouble, but their initials are slightly humorous - any good Bubble Blogger knows what FB stands for.


The_Scum said...

You were furst to notice they were fucked borrowers eh?

Back from a business trip to ghetto Florida.

Lavi? Your page doesn't load on crackberry's.

Lavi D. said...

Lavi? Your page doesn't load on crackberry's.

Thanks for the heads up. I've hacked on this template quite a bit and I am not "mobile-wise".

I just ran the thing through a "lint" (thing that checks for valid HTML) and it reports a lot of errors. However, the blogger template I'm using is not straight HTML, either, it's XML.

So I have no idea if it was mobile friendly before I messed with it. Can you browse other blogspot blogs on your device?

The_Scum said...

Yes I can. I doubt I can help you further than that. Yours worked at one time.

D said...

Borrowing money to buy something is a bad idea, made more so when that something depreciates. Get debt free, live within your means. If you like where you live, pay cash for a house and consider it just another thing you have, not 'savings' and certainly not an 'investment'

I have little sympathy for any of the "fucked" borrowers *or* lenders.
I have only fuming (if futile) resentment to the pandering politicians who separate action from consequence.
This ensures that we learn nothing

The_Scum said...

D? That just isn't the AMerican way. Suing is.

Get with the program, D00d!

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