Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Wall 2

#72: 9/15/90, 23:32
From: Bauble
Subj: get off that hood

Aw c'mon. Stop spraying. Get down from there, right now. We got sex to drove. We got hardmail to examine. There are fonts ablazing. Sleep not your skill, but latent, and harmony.

Area 3: #16 out of 18 (? for menu): /

#16: 9/15/90, 23:43
From: Bufu
Subj: who you?

are you friendly? what is this place? where are my headphones? why can't I find my tuna? I am not at peace, I am perturbed. My consanguinity is at risk. I am this deep pool, of crystalline chlorine water, and you are the diver. I see you as you arc, and then twist, falling, to me, for me. I freeze.

Area 3: #18 out of 18 (? for menu): /

#18: 9/16/90, 17:10 (reply to #16)
From: Ice Queen
To : Bufu
Subj: who you?

Great post. I had to look up a word, and in so doing it lessened the post a little, but it is still great, after the part "at risk".

Area 4: #62 out of 65 (? for menu): /

#62: 9/15/90, 23:37
From: Spline Shaft
Subj: couple me horsepower

and spin my gen windings.
A couple of buttery sauces
for you.

A saved piece of mongrel
will do?

A nice time in autumn
without you
A nice rind of wa'melon
in public, too.

Area 6: #2 out of 6 (? for menu): /

#2: 9/15/90, 23:33
From: Bauble
Subj: at the gas pump

I took out the match.

Area 6: #3 out of 6 (? for menu): /

#3: 9/15/90, 23:34
From: Ten Key
Subj: minus four


Area 6: #4 out of 6 (? for menu): /

#4: 9/15/90, 23:35
From: Blide O'diuer
Subj: a coppa mins affa ya

I wot got ere, a coppa mins affa ya. I wot go' sa'd, yahno? I rellick in dis
tribble, an wot r u 2 rt? eh? speshal benze? eh? c'mah, rucksack! Get ure
billies ba' and star umthin'.



The_Scum said...


Furst to froth?

Where is pwned Anony?

The_Scum said...

Oh yeah, nannynannybooboo!


Rock Candy said...

I got your anal right here scummy!!

The_Scum said...

That's the second nicest offer I have had all week.

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