Sunday, August 2, 2009

Luna II

So I thought I'd get a shot of "Luna" in situ, so to speak. I took this shot but I wasn't quite sure it was the right hydrant.

Later, when we were riding on the other side of the Strip I was shocked to discover that someone had painted over the stickers!

Now I can understand the Fire Department going out and cleaning up hydrants, but this is just some paint slopped over the very things that made this hydrant amusing. It's as if someone from the FD was reading the blog and decided that we couldn't have whimsical hydrants.

Tres bizarre.


Anonymous said...

Figures, they can paint it (sort of), but can't be bothered to cap it?


D said...

Hydrant Whimsy is not tolerated!!

That's a tough crowd.

Rock Candy said...

and here I thought it had been 'capped' which is why it had a big gaping wound....

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