Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cart Parking - Only!


D said...

Perhaps this is some giant cart magnet that draws wayward carts from all parts of the city? (One Cart to rule them all)

Good to see a new pic

The_Scum said...

"My girlfriend and I created all of these "Ped-Xing" mockups, and we think they're funny.

I got about five more - sorry.

October 27, 2009 7:46 PM"

Mr. Da Vida has some steady Tang now eh?

Bout time. Good fur you and hopefully her.

Screw D for getting the furst, but at least Lavi can cart the new Tang off in a nice new plastic ride....select one with good wheels...not a Wally World one with the huge assed replacement wheel that rides and looks like a Sped with a broken foot walking boot. Got a way to hook that behind the Derelictmobile™ for cruises up and down the strip?

Nothing sacred as a secumd.

Post sum cleavage please.

Respectfully yours in true snark and wishful thinking way.

Scummy. I ain't ded yet. I may be dun though.

Rock Candy said...

I knew the unemployment lines were long here in Vegas but has it gotten so bad that even the carts cannot find work?

Yes, Scummy you are dun...but you dun good!

Congrats on the gf Lavi!

DesertDwellerKaren said...

These are so good. I venture to say the carts are sucked into this cart zone, sort of like lost socks. There is a zone ya know!
Great stuff Lavi

Lavi D. said...

There is a zone ya know!

The spam is strong in this one.

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