Sunday, October 25, 2009

Man Pants


The_Scum said...

D00d...h aha hahahhahhh!


Proud Skirt said...

I would like to start out by saying...please get a new photo, this one has been milked more than a teenage boy with a brand new bottle of Jergens and a fresh box of kleenex.

If it weren't for us 'skirts' you boys would not even be here. We do all the 'heavy' lifting while you guys stick it in, pull it out and thank you have done something spectacular.

We carry, we feed, we raise and all with very little praise. Our value and worth is not measured by the number of zeros on a paycheck. It is measured by the lives we touch, the children we rear and the people we love and care for.

D said...

Dear Proud,

If the "value and worth" of your life is "measured by the lives we touch" then Stalin, Pol Pot, and Jimmy Carter must be great, wonderful, and worthy people.

But yes - Lavi needs to retire this venerable photo.


Rock Candy said...

Jimmy Carter? wtf? What exactly did this evil genius do?

The_Scum said...

"you guys stick it in, pull it out and thank you"

You are welcome. Did someone pull it out too late?

Captcha word...boom pr...should it have been boom boom and thank you ma'am pr?

Didn't Jimmy win a Nobel peace prize?

Anonymous said...

under man pants? big girl panties.

Proud Skirt said...

The lives that are touched in a positive way, such as friends, partners, spouses, etc.

Nice one scum, my word usage mistake, your cheap shot.

The_Scum said...

"It is measured by the lives we touch, the children we rear"

I'm fairly certain this is illegal in at least 44 of the USA states. I am unsure about Utah, Virginia (both of them), northern Arizona, Arkansas, Alabama and possibly California...the Polanski case may clarify California soon.

Sometimes cheap snark is just to easy to pass up.

Rock Candy said...

Cheap snark is what it is until someone loses an eye.

Lavi D. said...

My girlfriend and I created all of these "Ped-Xing" mockups, and we think they're funny.

I got about five more - sorry.

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